It is my goal to help all of my patients be successful on their journeys towards optimal health. In order for me to provide the best possible care for you, it is necessary to integrate nutrition into your wellness plan. The best way to get the nutrients you need is to consume whole foods. If we all ate perfectly, no supplementation would be needed. However, the majority of Americans do not get enough balanced nutrition for various reasons. My goal is to find fun and easy ways to incorporate a healthy mindset for my patients.

Nutrition is a building block towards a healthier you. It is necessary to support body growth and healing, as well as sustaining your metabolism. If you do not supply your body with the proper nutrients it needs, your body function cannot be maintained and your genetic potential will not be fully expressed. Dietary recommendations are the foundation of clinical nutrition, but you may need some supplementation as well.

Primary Guidelines of Diet:

  • Eat foods as close to their whole, natural and unrefined state whenever possible
  • Eat 50-75% of your diet

Reasons for Using Supplementation:

  • Nutrients missing from diet (refined foods, store bought foods)
  • Exposure to chemicals, allergens or infectious agents in environment
  • Low levels of nutrition to restore reserves
  • Low levels of nutrients due to illness recovery
  • Using nutrients to offset or compensate for genetic errors of metabolism

Supplementation is needed due to various factors such as, stress, processing of foods, food additives, or foods being grown on depleted soils. Clinical nutrition recommendations are determined by integrating information from your health history, exam findings, and lab findings.

I offer nutritional counseling to help optimize your health goals. I want to help break down the myths surrounding common diets and simplify your nutrition by focusing on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Please contact our office to see how you can start your own journey toward optimal health today.

If you have any questions regarding my nutritional packages, contact me today at (816) 809-3263.